A scientific revolution

Universal Vortical Singularity (UVS) is a theory of everything in natural science that explicates in the discipline of epistemology.

It is fundamentally based on the UVS model, and in its philosophy of science with its epistemic empiricism, it has had made revolutionary discoveries in numerous empirically observed natural phenomena that are mysterious, have anomalies, or are being subjected to all sorts of observational delusions.

This was through inferring the presence of unisonal vortex in the natural phenomena, and by resolving cognitive paradoxes and mysteries with the elucidations of their associated delusions that are being caused by the paradoxical effect of nature.

In the epistemological paradigm shift of UVS with its methodology for evaluating natural phenomena, its epistemic process with qualitative rigors seeks immutable truths for the actualities of their apparent observations, and quests with its theory of knowledge in leaps to a scientific revolution for advancing our knowledge of the universe.

UVS pans out with numerous empirical observations of natural phenomenon at all levels from cosmic scale to subatomic scale, and with loads of empirical evidence, it cogently offers a unified way for perceiving how the entire observable universe works unisonally throughout macrocosms and microcosms as a single system.

See “Preface” for suggestions on how to effectively explore UVS, “Overviews of UVS” for its peculiar evaluation methodology, “The structure of the observable universe” that explicates on a vortical paradigm in the macrocosms and the microcosms, “The inspirations of UVS for some all-encompassing sculptural ideas of UVS, and the “Afterword of UVS” for more insights into the developmental background of UVS.